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The online catalogue of books bequeathed by Thomas Plume was first published in 2009 and there is an ongoing project to add more items from the collection and to improve the existing entries. 2011 saw the addition of the post-Plume Catalogue and the first phase of the Manuscript and Archive Catalogue.

The post-Plume catalogue includes all items added to the collection since the foundation of the Library in 1704. Standard Numbers relating to these items are prefixed PP and it is possible to restrict searches to this section of the catalogue by entering PP* as a search term or to search this part of the catalogue  in its entirety by entering PP* in the search field.

At the moment the Manuscript and Archive catalogue consists of items found in the collection of Plume’s own manuscripts and the early archives of the Trust. Standard Numbers relating to these items are prefixed by MA and it is possible to search this section of the catalogue in its entirety by entering MA0*1 in the search field.

Prior notification of at least one week is required to view items listed in the Manuscript and Archive catalogue and certain other items from the collection, please email your request in good time prior to your visit. Identification will be required to view items in the Library. 

1. Please note that o depicts a zero for this type of search.

Read further information about the library’s collections and their catalogues.

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The Plume Library gratefully acknowledges the advice and active guidance of  Giles Mandelbrote FSA, Simon May and Greg Smith of the British Library, Fergus Wilde of Chetham’s Library, Manchester, Candace Guite and Ann Keith  of Christ’s College, Cambridge, Mark Beckett of the Plume School, Maldon, Larry Berkovitz of the Chelmsford Jewish Community, Rahel Kasemaa, Assistant to the Hebraica and Judaica Librarian at the Bodleian Library, Oxford and David Pearson, Director of Libraries, Archives & Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London.

Maldon, Essex, England

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