Recent Accessions

May 2022: We purchased two books from the missing list, kindly funded by the Friends:

  • Alexander Rowley, Sodalis discipulis. The schollers companion (By M. Bell for William Larner and George Whittington. 1648)
  • Claude Perrault Memoirs for a Natural History of Animals, first edition in English (by Joseph Streater … to be sold by T. Basset, 1688)

March 2022: The Pamela collection was generously donated by the family of Peter Young, a long-standing Friend of the Library. This was Peter’s personal collection, which he amassed over twenty years during his career as a rare books dealer.  Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, (first published 1740/1), is a moralising story in epistolary form and part of the genre of conduct literature. It is thought to be one of the first English novels.  Richardson continued to re-write it throughout his life because it was seen as scandalous (it is about a young maidservant being pursued by her older employer and eventually marrying him across class barriers).  The collection includes foreign language editions, dramatic adaptations, responses and parodies (some extremely rare), six prints and a portrait miniature. It is thought to be the largest and most complete collection of Pamela, and we hope that it will attract scholars from around the world.  All items are now on our online catalogue: search for “Pamela”.

October 2021: The following books from the missing list were purchased  with generous grants from The Friends of Thomas Plume’s Library and The Friends of the National Libraries.

  • Sir Balthazar Gerbier, A Brief Discourse Concerning the Three chief Principles of Magnifiecnt Building. Viz Solidity, Conveniency, and Ornament, first edition, 1662
  • Lucas Jacobsen Debes, Faeroae, & Faeroa Reserata: that is a Description of the Islands & Inhabitants of Foeroe, first edition in English, translated by John Sterpin, printed by F.L. for William Iles, 1676
  • Josephn Georgirenes, A Description of the Present State of Samos, Nicaria, Patmos, and Mount Athos, first edition, printed by W. G. and sold by Moses Pitt, 1678
  • Richard Kirby and John Bishop. The Marrow of Astrology, 2 parts in 1, first edition, printed by Joseph Streater, 1687
  • Miguel de Luna, The History of the Conquest of Spain by the Moors. Together with the Life of the Most Illustrious Monarch Almanzor, first edition in English, 1687

All other items previously listed on this page have been added to the main catalogue.

Maldon, Essex, England

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